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Psychic claims John Lennon and George Harrison play music in the afterlife


When George Harrison passed away in 2001 from cancer, many Beatles fans fantasized that Harrison would join former bandmate John Lennon in the afterlife to play music again.
According to psychic Sylvia Browne, that fantasy is not too far from reality – at least the spiritual reality that she describes in her new book, “Afterlives of the Rich and Famous.” The best-selling author whose books include “Life on the Other Side” and “Visits from the Afterlife” has now taken on the controversial subject of the afterlives of some of the most high-profile celebrities of our time.
Browne explores the afterlives of over 40 celebrities including famous actors and musicians such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy Jr., Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Heath Ledger and more. After presenting a brief biography of each celebrity’s life, she then channels their spirit to see how their experience was crossing over after death, as well as how and who they are spending their time with in eternity.
Regarding ex-Beatles Harrison and Lennon, Browne says that although John and George do not play music together, they do spend a great amount of time together meditating and taking long walks with each other.
While John still composes and performs music in the afterlife, he collaborates with another famous singer and friend, Harry Nilsson. George, on the other hand, plays music and writes songs, but not for the public. George only shares his music with other Hindus at the temple where he worships.
Also, Lennon, remembered for his pursuit of peace, continues this in the afterlife with a lecture series and an “ongoing peace congress of former world leaders.”
Other interesting tidbits in Browne’s book include Marilyn Monroe’s revelation that she did not commit suicide and Elvis Presley’s plan to be reincarnated as a singer in France.
Even though Browne is a best-selling author of spiritual and psychic books, she also has a lot of critics. That said, whatever your beliefs, “Afterlives of the Rich and Famous” is an entertaining read and helps to provide some comfort to the millions of fans of those celebrities that are no longer with us.
–Trina Yannicos
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4 thoughts on “Psychic claims John Lennon and George Harrison play music in the afterlife

  1. After studying this kind of communication for several years, as a true student of the metaphysical, I believe this to be authentic afterlife communication:


  2. Trina, this is a great overview of how Browne’s book addresses this subject. Like Carl mentions in his comment, I also have been studying the afterlife for many years, especially with respect to John Lennon.

    My opinion is a bit mixed here on Browne’s work. I understand she is a well-renowned psychic, but her assessment is a bit too elementary. While I believe for sure that John and George spend time together in the afterlife (and Harry, and Elvis and so forth….from time to time–I think this is no more than a predictable guess that anyone could have on these people.

    The soul in the Afterlife is way more advanced, more ethereal in knowledge and overall experience. John Lennon is much more than a composer and man of peace, in other words. And George Harrison is much deeper than just a meditating Hindu….They have lived hundreds or thousands of times, like all of us.

    Not that what she says is totally untrue, just that their afterlives are much more expansive than this.

  3. If she knows that John and George play music together in the afterlife, then she must see the ‘real’ Paul McCartney as well. This man has not been seen in public since November of 1966 when he was replaced by the individual impersonating him to this day. I wonder if she sees him there; if not, then either she is not as psychic as she states, or the ‘real’ Paul McCartney must still be amongst the living in this reality, hopefully, well and happy living under an assumed identity or hiding out on those Greek islands that The Beatles bought back in the mid-sixties.

  4. I can believe Michael Jackson is livin’ it up in the afterlife. Lots of girls too so to say. He’s having a grand ol time.

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