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Author seeks stories for new Ringo Starr biography


Biographer Michael Starr has two things in common with former Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr – the same last name and the passion to tell Ringo Starr’s life story. Ringo recently admitted that he was interested in writing his autobiography, but turned down the offer because the publishers want him to focus on just his 8 years with The Beatles. Ringo insists that his life before and after The Beatles should not be left out.

Michael Starr agrees that Ringo Starr’s entire life will be a fascinating subject for his new biography on the world’s most famous drummer. The author is sending out a request to Beatles fans for “anyone who has a Ringo story, or any info concerning Ringo, they can contact me at”

“My book will cover the entire arc of Ringo’s life, from his birth in Liverpool to the present-day,” Starr explains. “I’m very interested in exploring Ringo’s pre-Beatles life in Liverpool (family, friends, schooling, etc.) and how this shaped his life — since I feel this hasn’t ever really been covered with any depth (especially when compared to the early-life coverage of Paul McCartney, John Lennon and, to a lesser extent, George Harrison).”

The book is scheduled to be published in 2015. Starr has already written six entertainment biographies, on Peter Sellers, Art Carney, Joey Bishop, Bobby Darin, Raymond Burr and Redd Foxx. Michael Starr is also the television columnist for the NY Post.

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7 thoughts on “Author seeks stories for new Ringo Starr biography

  1. I will read it in a heartbeat! Always one of my faves!

  2. Yep, definatly gotta read that!

  3. Ringo is my fav beatle and I also play drums my self he always inspired me

  4. Ringo Starr just announced this on his Facebook page:

    “There is an unauthorized biography being written by Michael Starr and I want my friends & fans to know it has nothing to do with me, I’m not participating with it at all.

    Peace & Love,

  5. I read a post from Ringo saying this is an unauthorized biography & that he nor his family will have anything to do with it. Obviously I don’t know the full backstory here, but wouldn’t it be better to have Ringo on board with such a project? I hope Ringo writes (co-writes) his autobiography eventually – THAT is something I’d read.

  6. It sounds like it might be good. Ringo,sweetie-why not participate? I’m sure you’d enjoy it more than you think. He wants to cover your whole life, & that’s a good thing 😉 Love youuu!

  7. Not much of a bio with NO participation from the subject. It’s a no-go as far as I am concerned.

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