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Review: An ex-Beatle in Bermuda: New book documents John Lennon’s historic visit


lennonbermudaEverything you ever wanted to know about John Lennon’s historic visit to the island of Bermuda during the Summer of 1980 is documented in the new book, “Lennon Bermuda” by Scott Neil. The striking illustration of Lennon on the cover is an example of the quality material you will find inside the book. The 120-page paperback is beautifully illustrated by Graham Foster, the artist and sculptor who designed the “Double Fantasy” sculpture unveiled in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens in June 2012 as a tribute to John Lennon.

[See photos of the “Double Fantasy” sculpture in Bermuda]

What “Lennon Bermuda” lacks in photographs, it makes up for in vividly-detailed descriptions and interviews with people who met and interacted with John Lennon during his visit. Author Scott Neil takes the reader on the journey with Lennon so that you feel that you are there with him from start to finish. Neil interviewed people who encountered Lennon every step of the way on his trip: from his small crew on the 43-foot Megan Jaye sailboat, to the realtor who found John a place to stay on the island, to local journalists who met Lennon while hanging out one night at the disco.

Bermuda represents such a significant time in John Lennon’s life since many songs on his last album, Double Fantasy, were written or completed during his two-month stay there. The name of the album was even influenced by Lennon’s trip when he saw the Double Fantasy freesia flower in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.

With Yoko Ono’s cooperation, a most touching photo of John and Sean Lennon in Bermuda is featured in the book. John had the photo taken for a painting he commissioned in Bermuda so that he could present the painting to Yoko. The painting now hangs in the Dakota.

If you are interested in delving into these fascinating two months of John Lennon’s life, “Lennon Bermuda” is a treasure. The book is available separately or as part of a box set that comes with a 2-disc CD featuring musicians from Bermuda and around the world singing Lennon’s songs. The “Lennon Bermuda” book and limited edition box set are available at

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  2. A double A side single will be released as part of the launch of LENNON BERMUDA on APRIL 29th 2013 have a listen here:

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