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Video: Ringo Starr explains his philosophy on signing autographs at All Starr press conference


Ringo Starr appeared in Hollywood on Wednesday with members of his latest All Starr Band to promote his 2013 tour to Latin America. The band played shortened versions of songs including “Boys” and “With A Little Help From My Friends” sung by Ringo, “Oye Como Va” sung by Gregg Rolie from Santana, and “Rosanna” sung by Steve Lukather from Toto.
ringo-singCPhotos by Trina Yannicos

Wearing a black blazer and a glittery “peace sign” black t-shirt, Ringo took questions from reporters. When asked why he agrees to sign special photo and art prints even though he vowed a few years ago that he would not sign autographs anymore, Ringo said that he has not changed his view on signing autographs for people in public, but that he only signs for special projects where the money goes to his charity, The Lotus Foundation. Watch video here:

The press conference was held later in the same day following a special presentation of Ringo’s new hardcover limited edition book called Photograph. Dave Grohl and others praised Ringo as a drummer and photographer during a celebration of Starr’s book of personal photographs that he shot of his life before, after and with The Beatles.


Ringo calls his All Starr band “the best 1-800 band in the land” where you have to have a hit to be a member. Other All Starrs on this tour include Richard Page, Todd Rundgren, Mark Rivera and Gregg Bissonette. The tour travels through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Mexico and ends with two dates in Las Vegas in November. Visit for tour information.
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2 thoughts on “Video: Ringo Starr explains his philosophy on signing autographs at All Starr press conference

  1. Of late, Ringo seems to be attempting to rehabilitate his public image, following several years of public grumpiness. Maybe the grumpy Ringo is the real Richard Starkey, but that’s O.K. . He has made great music with The Beatles, and as a solo artist; music that has brought joy to so many millions of people. To achieve fame in the music biz(especially at The Beatles’ level) can be a very intense, exhausting and sometimes annoying thing, and Ringo has experienced this for 51 years. I hope that Ringo someday realizes that the fans are not all bad people.

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