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New book, ELVIS AND THE BEATLES, reveals surprising relationship between The Fab Four and The King of Rock and Roll

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ELVIS AND THE BEATLES bookRock and roll fans know about the historic meeting in 1965 between Elvis Presley and The Beatles. However, most mistakenly believe that was the only connection between the two biggest rock and roll acts of all time.

After that meeting (and even before), there were many positive ways that The Beatles and Elvis Presley connected personally and professionally, and at the very least, had empathy for each other. However, on the surface, it looked like The Beatles and Elvis couldn’t be farther apart.

In her new book, ELVIS AND THE BEATLES: Love and Rivalry Between the Two Biggest Acts of the 20th Century, Trina Young explores the the year-to-year evolution of the careers of both The King of Rock and Roll and The Fab Four simultaneously while debunking false stereotypes. The book uncovers how surprisingly similar the careers of Elvis and The Beatles were, and the multitude of ways that their personal and professional lives intersected.

Fascinating revelations include:

* Why The Beatles loved Colonel Parker

* The truth about the jam session between Elvis and The Beatles

* Why The Beatles were banned in Memphis

* Elvis vs. The Beatles: Who dissed who first?

* The friendship between Brian Epstein and Colonel Parker

* How The Beatles almost recorded in Memphis

* Which Beatle wanted to be Elvis’ producer

* Why The Beatles did not understand Elvis Presley’s musical passions

* How Colonel Parker helped The Beatles

* Why Elvis was not on the Sgt. Pepper cover

* Muhammad Ali’s link to both

* The secret reporter present when Elvis met The Beatles

* Which Beatle was Presley’s favorite

* How Elvis inspired Sgt. Pepper

* Singer Sophie Tucker’s connection to both

* Presley’s spiritual quest started before The Beatles

* Why Elvis got more to perform on The Ed Sullivan Show

* Which Beatles songs Elvis sang

* How The Beatles inspired Elvis; and

* Who was bigger: Elvis or The Beatles?

By comparing and contrasting the parallel lives, careers and tragedies of Elvis Presley and The Beatles, this book explores like never before the surprising relationship between the two biggest superstars of the last century.

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E-book available September 12; paperback due out late September 2018.


Note: This is a press release for the new book, ELVIS AND THE BEATLES. The author, Trina Young, is also the editor and columnist for Her first book, ELVIS: Behind The Legend, was released in 2015.


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