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Ringo Starr at 80: I feel like I’m 24

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Ringo Starr, the oldest of The Beatles, will turn 80 years old on July 7. Every year, since 2008, Ringo has celebrated his birthday by asking fans around the world to declare “Peace and Love” wherever they are at 12 noon. This year, due to the coronavirus, Ringo’s birthday celebration will be online.
Ringo’s Big Birthday Show will be broadcast on his YouTube channel at 8 pm EST/ 5 PM PST on July 7 and will feature appearances by many of his friends including Paul McCartney, Joe Walsh, Sheryl Crow, Ben Harper, Sheila E. and Gary Clark Jr.

“As everyone knows I love gathering with fans for peace and love on my birthday,” said Ringo in a press announcement. “But this year, I want everyone to be safe at home –  so I called up a few friends and we put this Big Birthday Show together so we could still celebrate my birthday with you all, with some great music for some great charities. I hope you will all join me! Peace and Love, Ringo.”
Meanwhile, Brian Hiatt of Rolling Stone did a 36-minute video interview with Ringo in June 2020 (see below) to talk about Starr’s upcoming milestone birthday.
“That was my dream at 13 [playing the drums] and my dream is still unfolding now,” Ringo said. “That’s what’s incredible. This is a long time later. And I still love to do it – and I love to do it live.”
When asked about his amazing energy, stamina and youthful looks for an octogenarian, Ringo replied: “I didn’t work out for many years – I worked out in nightclubs! [laughs] But that’s not me now. I started working out in a gym I have next door. So I’m in there at least 3, and sometimes 6 days a week… and I’m a vegetarian and I have broccoli with everything and blueberries every morning.”
How does Ringo feel about turning 80?
“80? Man, I’m only 24 in here [points to his head],” Ringo replied. “That’s a good thing and a bad thing. 80 – it’s like far out – it’s like, What?
“It’s a difficult one,” Ringo continued. “70 was easy… When I look back at all my birthdays – ’cause I love birthdays… and even if it’s your birthday, I love it – I think 40 was the hardest. Crossing 40, you know that damn song, ‘Life Begins at 40’. That was just the hardest, and this one is just going to be what it’s going to be.”
On November 1, 2019, The City of Beverly Hills unveiled an 8-foot-tall 1500-pound polished steel sculpture designed by Ringo Starr of his hand making the peace sign. What a great tribute to the city that Ringo has adopted as his own for the last several decades. [Unfortunately, it got spray painted during the recent 2020 protests. Hopefully, it will be restored very soon.]
In 2010, Ringo received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame right next to the stars of his ex-bandmates. While The Beatles star is located at a different location in Hollywood, the stars of each former Beatle sit right in front of the Capitol Records building – home of The Beatles’ record label in the U.S.
At one point in the Rolling Stone interview, Ringo teared up: “I still miss those two boys [John Lennon and George Harrison], but I’ve still got my brother [Paul McCartney] so we’re OK.”
Five out of his 12 previous “Peace and Love” birthday celebrations have been held outside in front of the Capitol Records building in Hollywood. Fans were treated to free musical performances and a slice of Ringo’s birthday cake!
“We’re sort of saying I’m still 79,” Ringo added, “because hopefully we will celebrate it properly next year!”


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One thought on “Ringo Starr at 80: I feel like I’m 24

  1. “Peace and Love ” God bless you Ringo” ♥

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