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Daytrippin’ Magazine, the most FAB magazine for Beatles fans, was published in print format for 7 years from 1997 to 2004. [The magazine has continued publishing exclusive articles online beginning in 2005.]

Over seven years, Daytrippin’ published 28 issues containing 900 pages of exclusive Beatles articles and interviews.

We have selected highlights of the best Beatles journalism from Daytrippin’ and compiled 20 articles into the Daytrippin’ Magazine Anthology (1997-2004).

This Anthology is available only in digital format as a PDF document (a.k.a. “E-book”). Anyone can read it on their computer or print it out for themselves using the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Now’s your chance to read unique articles and exclusive interviews published only in the magazine pages of Daytrippin’!

To purchase all 28 back issues of Daytrippin, it would cost $100 in print format or $56 in digital format.

The Daytrippin’ Magazine Anthology offers highlights from all 7 years of publishing featuring 20 articles (over 75 pages) for only $14.95.

Purchase your copy today and enjoy quality Beatles journalism by the authors listed below (featuring cover articles from our two sold-out issues):

Bill Harry
“The Birth of Merseybeat”

Bruce Spizer
“Did Capitol Really ‘Butcher’ The Beatles?”

Marshall Terrill
“Meet Rusty Anderson: An Interview with Paul McCartney’s Guitarist”

“Interview with Donovan: Legendary musician and friend of the Beatles”

“Interview with Mark Hudson: Ringo’s producer and business partner”

“The Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Hoax in History: The Paul is Dead Rumor”

Shelley Germeaux
“The Art of John Lennon”

“The Magic Beat of Donn Bennett’s Drum Shop: Featuring Donn’s Experiences with Ringo”

“YES Drummer Alan White Shares His Memories of Working with John and George”

Sari Gurney
“Yoko Ono: A Life Full of Imagining”

Susan Ryan
“Learning at LIPA: LIPA Graduate, Rori Shapiro, shares her experience at Paul’s performing arts school”

Ken Womack
“Top 10 Beatle Musical Moments: An analysis of their recording accomplishments”

Roger Stormo
“The Lennon-McCartney vs. McCartney-Lennon controversy”

Florence Eskin
“Interview with Sid Bernstein” and Book Review

“Paul does Poetry Reading and TV Show Taping in NYC”

Ron Wine
“The Hard Rock Cafe: A Fab-ulous Peek Behind the Scenes”

Trina Yannicos
“Not Just Another Beatle wife: A Tribute to Linda McCartney, 1941-1998”

“Local Detroit guitar maker scores a hit with George Harrison”

“Al Hirschfeld Draws the Beatles”

“Beatles tribute band, Imagine, plays for Hollywood Stars”

The Daytrippin’ Magazine Anthology offers highlights
from all 7 years of publishing featuring 20 articles
for only $14.95.

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