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Was It Just A Dream? Beatles fans who had spiritual connections with George Harrison when he died

By Shelley Germeaux

issue18Note: This article originally appeared in the Spring 2002 (No. 18) issue of Daytrippin’ – just a few months after George Harrison’s death. 

Psychic phenomenon – precognitive dreams, strange coincidences, and intuitive hunches about people we care for – is always an interesting topic of discussion. It usually happens with relatives and close friends, but in this case I am talking about George Harrison. A few Beatle friends have shared with me some “strange” experiences they had between the hours preceding his death on November 29, 2001 and before we heard the news on November 30. Maybe some of you had similar experiences.

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Psychic claims John Lennon and George Harrison play music in the afterlife

When George Harrison passed away in 2001 from cancer, many Beatles fans fantasized that Harrison would join former bandmate John Lennon in the afterlife to play music again.
According to psychic Sylvia Browne, that fantasy is not too far from reality – at least the spiritual reality that she describes in her new book, “Afterlives of the Rich and Famous.” The best-selling author whose books include “Life on the Other Side” and “Visits from the Afterlife” has now taken on the controversial subject of the afterlives of some of the most high-profile celebrities of our time.
Browne explores the afterlives of over 40 celebrities including famous actors and musicians such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy Jr., Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Heath Ledger and more. After presenting a brief biography of each celebrity’s life, she then channels their spirit to see how their experience was crossing over after death, as well as how and who they are spending their time with in eternity.
Regarding ex-Beatles Harrison and Lennon, Browne says that although John and George do not play music together, they do spend a great amount of time together meditating and taking long walks with each other.
While John still composes and performs music in the afterlife, he collaborates with another famous singer and friend, Harry Nilsson. George, on the other hand, plays music and writes songs, but not for the public. George only shares his music with other Hindus at the temple where he worships.
Also, Lennon, remembered for his pursuit of peace, continues this in the afterlife with a lecture series and an “ongoing peace congress of former world leaders.”
Other interesting tidbits in Browne’s book include Marilyn Monroe’s revelation that she did not commit suicide and Elvis Presley’s plan to be reincarnated as a singer in France.
Even though Browne is a best-selling author of spiritual and psychic books, she also has a lot of critics. That said, whatever your beliefs, “Afterlives of the Rich and Famous” is an entertaining read and helps to provide some comfort to the millions of fans of those celebrities that are no longer with us.
–Trina Yannicos
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