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The Beatles Hidden Gallery features never-before-seen Beatles photos

(Photo copyright Paul Berriff / Beatles Hidden Gallery)

British photographer Paul Berriff has launched a new website featuring never-before-seen pictures of The Beatles. As a newspaper photographer in the early 1960s, Berriff captured photos of The Beatles in their early days on their rise to stardom in the UK. Berriff is releasing his photos on a new website called The Beatles Hidden Gallery.

Berriff talks about his time photographing The Beatles: “I built a good rapport with them, especially Paul McCartney. He always came to say hello when he saw me. At that time (1964), they were just coming on stream, they did value their media image, so they were happy to pose for you. They did all kinds of crazy things, like playing at trains (one of Berriff’s unique images). Some they would just pose for me, but a lot I would just take off the cuff so to speak, when they were just acting about.”

Berriff, now a documentary filmmaker, has captured many unique and iconic images over the years with his photographs of The Stones, Queen, The Searchers, The Hollies, Gerry and the Pacemakers and even Prince Charles. Berriff’s unique images of The Beatles will be posted on a gradual basis online in the coming weeks to people who register with the website.

The photographs are being made available for sale as very limited editions via The Beatles Hidden Gallery but will also be featured on display following a launch event to be held at the Menier Gallery (51-53 Southwark Street) in London on April 27. The photos will be on display for the public from April 28 to May 1.

The Beatles Hidden Gallery website also features Beatles E-cards and a trivia quiz. For more information, visit