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Tracklisting for new Beatles Vinyl 45s Singles Collection


The new Beatles Singles Collection is due out on November 22, 2019. From 1962 to 1970, The Beatles released 22 UK singles; of those 44 A and B-side tracks, 29 were not included on the group’s British albums at that time. These singles, plus an exclusive new double A-side single for the mid-1990s-issued tracks “Free As A Bird” and “Real Love,” are newly cut for vinyl from their original mono and stereo master tapes by Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios for a new limited edition boxed set.

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Oops! Beatles release collector’s 50th anniversary Love Me Do single… but wrong version!

As a longtime Beatles fan, it’s been hard to keep track of the different versions of The Beatles’ first single, “Love Me Do”– specifically, which released versions of “Love Me Do” did Ringo play drums on and which he did not. As historians explain, the original 45 single release of “Love Me Do” is the one with Ringo as drummer, while the album version (on Please Please Me) has Andy White as the drummer.

Well, apparently Ringo and EMI get confused on this issue as well. For the 50th anniversary special 45 release of “Love Me Do”, EMI released the version with Andy White playing drums and not Beatle Ringo! As a result, those copies are being recalled and another 45 release will replace it, making this a true collector’s item!

The Beatles single “Love Me Do” reached number 17 on the British charts after its initial release in the UK on October 5, 1962. Why there are different versions of the song on the album versus the single is explained in an article by Beatles expert, Bruce Spizer.

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