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Yoko Ono to appear at music seminar in Cannes

Grey New York announced on May 21 that its fourth annual Music Seminar with Living Legends will feature Yoko Ono on Friday, June 25, at the Debussy. The 2010 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival event follows three years of high popularity for the Grey music seminar with legends Stevie Van Zandt in 2009, Tony Bennett in 2008, and John Legend and Donavan in 2007.

As stated in a press release, at Grey’s annual seminar on music, Yoko Ono will discuss today’s music scene and the impact on brands and bands, her own adventurous music and performance art created over a high-profile lifetime,  and her extraordinary life with John Lennon and raising her musician son Sean Lennon.

“Her marriage to and influence on John Lennon is legendary. The famous ‘bed in’ in Amsterdam, and the interview from inside a bag were direct extensions of Yoko’s early art happenings in the Fluxus group,” said Tim Mellors, Worldwide Creative Director of Grey Group. “Her deep knowledge of the alternative music scene and people like John Cage, the founder of Fluxus, are seldom given the credit due for their influence on Lennon’s solo career.”

Yoko Ono, who was raised in Tokyo and attended Sarah Lawrence College from 1953-57,  is a multi-media artist who constantly challenges the traditional boundaries of art, known for her groundbreaking conceptual art, instructional arts, performance arts experimental films and music.

From 1960 to 1961, Yoko Ono, now 77 years old, presented avant-garde events and concert series in her loft in Chambers Street in New York City with La Monte Young. In 1961, she met George Maciunas and became a seminal member of Fluxus. In 1962, Yoko returned to Japan to present her one-woman exhibition at the Sogetsu Art Center, in Tokyo. That same year, performed a concert tour with Toshi Ichiyanagi, David Tudor and John Cage.

In 1964 she published her book, “Grapefruit: a Book of Instructions,” in Tokyo. That same year, she presented her now legendary performance art, “Cut Piece,” for the first time in Kyoto and then Tokyo. In 1964 Yoko returned to NYC and in 1965 performed “Cut PIece” at the Carnegie Recital Hall.

1966 was a turning point for Yoko when she moved to London and had a one-woman show in Indica Gallery. 1967 was a full year with a one-woman show at Lisson Gallery, filming the controversial Bottoms Film (Film No. 4) and a performance in Knokke Film Festival in Belgium.

In 1968, Yoko performed her music works in Paris and in Albert Hall in London with Ornette Coleman. In 1969, she married John Lennon and formed The Plastic Ono Band.

Reflecting on her reputation for being outrageous, Yoko responds: “I do have to rely on my own judgment, although to some people my judgment seems a little out of sync. I have my own rhythm and my own timing, and that’s simply how it is.”

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Beatles wives present Glamour award to Stella McCartney

On November 9, 2009, Stella McCartney was presented with an award as one of Glamour’s Women of the Year for 2009. The award was presented to her at Carnegie Hall in New York City by none other than Yoko Ono, widow of the late John Lennon, Olivia Harrison, widow of the late George Harrison, and Barbara Bach, wife of Ringo Starr.

This was a touching gesture from the wives of Paul McCartney’s fellow bandmates from The Beatles, since Stella’s mother, Linda McCartney, died in 1998.

Yoko wrote about the event on her website:

All three of us came together with a deep feeling of love and joy for Stella’s accomplishment. Stella is family. I remember her from when she was a baby. Never thought that this baby would grow into such a magical person. Her creativity shows her free soul. And with that, she is giving a lot to the world. I love her. All three of us do. It was a very sweet day for us. yoko

The 38-year-old fashion designer wore a purple mini-dress that she designed and complained that it was the wrong thing to wear to an awards ceremony. McCartney was honored for her contributions to the fashion industry and her support of animal rights.

Stella recently joined her father and sister, Mary, to raise support for the Meat Free Mondays campaign to encourage people to eat less meat.

Watch a video of highlights from the 2009 Glamour Women of the Year awards

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Sean Lennon and girlfriend recreate John and Yoko Rolling Stone nude cover photo

johnyokoRScoverFor Purple fashion magazine, Sean Lennon and his girlfriend, model Kemp Muhl recreated the legendary Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono taken by Annie Liebowitz. 

The photo shows a nude Lennon clutching a fully-clothed Ono in a subtle gender role reversal with the sensitive Lennon appearing vulnerable and submissive to a serious and strong Ono. In the recreated photo, Sean Lennon takes on the role of his mother being fully clothed and clutched by his nude girlfriend.

The original photo was taken the day John Lennon died on December 8, 1980 in a photo shoot for Rolling Stone. The photo was published on the cover of Rolling Stone as a memorial to Lennon in January 1981.

You can see the photo of Sean Lennon here on the Huffington Post


Photos from the John and Yoko Honeymoon Suite at the Amsterdam Hilton

Photos courtesy Candy Wright


Back in 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono had just got married on March 20 and decided to spend their honeymoon at the luxurious Amsterdam Hilton (pictured above) in the Netherlands spending a week literally in bed, but without privacy — in fact, inviting the press to hang out with them in their hotel room. Why? To promote peace, of course.


“When we got married,” John Lennon recalled in 1980, “we knew our honeymoon was going to be public anyway, so we decided to use it to make a statement. Our life is our art. That’s what the bed-in was. We sat in bed and talked to reporters for seven days… In effect, we were doing a commercial for peace…”


The bed-in took place from March 25-31, 1969 in suite 902 of the Amsterdam Hilton. To stay in the “John and Yoko Honeymoon Suite” it would now cost you $1600 a night. To mark the 40th anniversary of the bed-in, the Amsterdam Hilton allowed the public to be able to visit the famous suite between March 21-29. The Amsterdam Hilton also had a photo exhibition on display called “From Holland with Peace.”


After renovation of the hotel, the suite was renumbered as 702, and is now decorated with a white decor designed by Yoko Ono featuring the famous peace slogans that John and Yoko posted in their hotel room during the bed-in. There are also John Lennon CDs on hand to play in the room.


At the time, John and Yoko were ridiculed by the media for having a bed-in for peace, but they had the last laugh since the media still reported the event, and as a result, got their message out. A few months later, John and Yoko would hold another bed-in in Montreal where they would record the famous anthem “Give Peace A Chance.”


The Amsterdam Hilton is offering a hotel special through the end of 2009 called the John and Yoko ‘Bed-in for Peace’ offer. For more info, visit the Amsterdam Hilton website.