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issue26Daytrippin’ takes pride in celebrating the magic of the Beatles in the 21st century! Along with the latest Beatle-related news and reviews, Daytrippin’s website offers rock journalism at its finest featuring in-depth articles and exclusive interviews of the people, places and events significant in the “Beatle” world.

Daytrippin’ also incorporates a strong fan presence by featuring heartfelt eyewitness stories of “Beatle-related” encounters, as well as thoughtful fan opinions. Daytrippin’ offers the most FAB gathering place on the web for Beatles fans with its monthly giveaway of Beatles merchandise and monthly e-mail newsletters on the latest Beatles news.


Launched in 1997, Daytrippin’ proved itself to be the “must-read” for Beatles fans of all ages. From the start, Daytrippin’ stood out among the array of fan magazines due to its high-caliber visual and editorial appeal.

From 1998 to 2005, Daytrippin’ was available for purchase at retail stores all over the world including Tower Records.

Daytrippin’ stopped publishing in print format in 2005 but continues its exclusive offering of Beatle articles and interviews through its website.

Over 7 years, Daytrippin’ published 28 issues (900 pages) of exclusive Beatles articles and interviews!

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Daytrippin’ Magazine Anthology (1997-2004)


Over seven years, Daytrippin’ published 28 issues containing 900 pages of exclusive Beatles articles and interviews.

We have selected highlights of the best Beatles journalism from Daytrippin’ and compiled 20 articles into the Daytrippin’ Magazine Anthology (1997-2004).

This Anthology is available only in digital format as a PDF document (a.k.a. “E-book”). Anyone can read it on their computer or print it out for themselves using the free program Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Now’s your chance to read unique articles and exclusive interviews published only in the magazine pages of Daytrippin’!

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