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Book Review: A Date with A Beatle by Judith Kristen


Review by Susan Fischer
In 1963 Judy was 15 years old. She’d had a rough year. But in late 1963 she caught a glimpse of four lads from across the pond that would change her life forever. There was one lad in particular that really caught her eye.
In A Date With A Beatle, Judith Kristen tells the true story of how, with grit and determination, she made the dream of meeting George Harrison a reality.
A Date With A Beatle follows the adventures of Judy and her reluctant (at times) friend Shelly who do all in their power to meet their idols, the Beatles. Judy was a George fan. Shelly, a Ringo fan. They would be ‘Judy Harrison’ and ‘Shelly Starr’, respectively. The only things in their way were the police and the thousands of other screaming girls who dreamed the same dream. But, those other girls didn’t have Judy’s tenacity!
The story takes place in the Philadelphia area and chronicles how these two young women go from location to location to see the Beatles in concert and then find out where the group was staying, make reservations at the same hotel, and try to fulfill their goal.
There are obstacles along the way — the police being the main one. But with Judy’s charming irreverent wit, she was able to get pretty close to her George a few times, all things considered. Judy was a very determined girl!
A Date With A Beatle is a really great read. You’ll be able to read it in one easy sitting. Judith tells her story with such great humor that really illustrates this young woman’s tenacity and boldness to achieve her goals. It is a very entertaining tale that allows first generation fans to relive that excitement again and for the second and third generation fans to see what it was like in the height of Beatlemania and to be green with envy.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: A Date with A Beatle by Judith Kristen

  1. Someone just sent me this review of my book and it knocked my socks off!

    Susan, thank you. 🙂

    It is a book written by a fan FOR the fans…about the best time in the world to be a teenager.

    I might not have met George in the way that I wanted to, but it was a genuine moment and I got to meet George the lovely Lad from Liverpool… which to me, was even better than meeting George The Beatle. 🙂

    Thank you again for such a lovely review.


  2. I’ve read and reread this book and I crack up every time. So funny, so real. Great book!

  3. Tenacity is the word! What we Beatle fans wouldn’t give to have had that experience. Such a unique, personal, one to one moment. Not only is this a wonderful book it’s also loads of fun!!! Not just for “Beatle people!” LOVED IT!!!

  4. This is a great book, that truly captures the essence of the time when Jude’s ultimate mission was to meet up with George Harrison, face-to-face in 1964 when The Beatles visited America. Her undaunted determination, Beatle-inspired youthful energy and a few clever tactics were only a few of the strengths that put her ahead of other frenzied females in her quest, and it is exciting, entertaining and thoroughly satisfying to see how she outwitted the authorities, worked her way into the right place at the perfect time and finally pulls off her ultimate ambition. Exciting to the point where you won’t want to put it down till you get to the very end!

  5. I bought this book while at the Fest for Beatles Fans and stayed up reading it all night. It took me two hours to read because it was so amazing. I could not put it down, even when there was a jam session going on a few floors below my hotel room. It’s one of the best books I’ve read on the Beatles and i’ve read a lot of them. Judith really takes you back to 1964 and makes you feel as though you are there with her through every stunt she pulls, all in the hopes of meeting the one and only George Harrison. While reading this book. you go back in time and for those who were unfortunate enough to be born decades late, it let’s you get a feel for what Beatlemania was like and what it was like for The Beatles to come to America.

  6. Loved the description I found of this delightful book on your site,and have read Ms. Kristen’s story. Everything you said about the book was quite true – rolicking fun and hoping other Beatles fans are led to reading this book, looking back at a great era, and very possibly ending up as I did, wishing Judy had been one of my own friends.

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  8. Judith, Judith, Judith….Being the Tenacious Aries that I’ll NEVER forget and ALWAYS hold close to my heart….You’ve inspired more people than you’ll ever know to follow their dreams! Our dreams and “attainable” goals are what makes life worth living! You inspire us and make us realize we can all accomplish “anything” if we put our hearts, souls and minds to it! You’ve been blessed with that natural ability to encourage everyone you come in contact with in your life! I’ve been blessed to have had the pleasure of MANY days and nights in your company, along with the rest f your family, including Henley 🙂 LOVE and MISS YOU, Annanmarie 🙂

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