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Paul McCartney’s lifelong admiration for Elvis Presley

Like John Lennon who had a healthy obsession for Elvis Presley, Paul McCartney had his own epiphany about The King of Rock and Roll in 1956 and started playing the guitar.

“I started to see pictures of Elvis, and that started to pull me away from the academic path,” McCartney recalled. “‘You should see these photos…’ Then you’d hear the records – ‘but wait a minute, this is very good!’ – and then the tingles started going up and down your spine, ‘Oh, this is something altogether different.’ And so the academic things were forgotten.”

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Ringo Starr’s former girlfriend, Nancy Andrews, talks about life with Ringo and her book “A Dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll”

by Marshall Terrill

Note: This article was originally published in March 2008 on Daytrippin’s website.

[All photos copyright by Nancy Andrews]

It’s been said that rock ‘n’ roll was a boys-only club in the 1960s and 1970s.  Among the few women who gained entry was a high-spirited, half-Sicilian and half-Cherokee beauty named Nancy Lee Andrews.

A top Eileen Ford model, Andrews was the perfect complement to former Beatle Ringo Starr.  Her six-year relationship (1974-1980) and engagement with the world’s famous drummer granted her an all access pass to a world beyond the velvet rope.

Part of that access included intimate and candid photographs of Ringo Starr’s life in the seventies.  Andrews started her career on the other side of the lens in 1970 when renowned photographer Milton Greene recognized her need to click the shutter.

Encouraged by Starr, Andrews began shooting fashion for designer boutiques along Rodeo Drive and trendy Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. Later she shot Starr’s publicity photos and two of his album covers, Ringo the 4th and Bad Boy.  During this time, she also snapped legendary artists George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, The Band, Keith Moon, Donovan, Harry Nilsson, Leon Russell, Dolly Parton and Carly Simon.

Her pictures and memories are preserved for posterity in the new photo book, A Dose of Rock ‘n’ Roll (Dalton Watson Fine Books). Andrews is also about to embark on a worldwide photo exhibit, showcasing her life at the peak of pop culture.

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American Beatles fan purchases George Harrison Liverpool home to offer as Airbnb

How would you like to own a home once lived in by a Beatle?

That’s what a New Hampshire second-generation Beatles fan, Ken Lambert, pondered this past November when George Harrison’s family home in Speke, Liverpool went up for auction. On a whim, Ken put in his offer for £171,000 (approximately $223,00 US) which became the winning bid.

George Harrison lived in the home with his family from age 6 to 19. This is the first time the home will be accessible to the public.

Daytrippin’ recently interviewed Ken via email about his exciting new purchase:

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Ringo Starr releases new book of “Lifted” Beatles photos

Released on Valentine’s Day 2022 was the new hardcover book of photos compiled by Ringo Starr called LIFTED – Fab Images and Memories In my Life with the Beatles From Across The Universe.

“I am not writing this book as a Beatle historian,” Ringo explained. “I’m writing this book as a Beatle — and there’s only a couple of us who can do that.”

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New online course traces The Beatles’ first visit to America in 1964

Whether you were alive in February 1964 or not, every Beatles fan knows the significance of the group’s first visit to America. All the entertainment forces collided at once to make the second week in February the most impactful week in the history of rock and roll, and of course, The Beatles’ career.

It was 58 years ago at this time that the U.S. was preparing for The Beatles arrival in America! During the month of January 1964, “The Beatles Are Coming” campaign was spreading like wildfire in anticipation of this group of four lads from Liverpool coming to appear on The Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964. It was a 14-day visit that changed history, changed the world and changed the lives of so many music fans.

But too often, these monumental two weeks get compacted into a single video clip or paragraph in the story of The Beatles. Now it’s time to go back and re-live the Beatles visit, day by day, hour by hour. Go behind the scenes to see what was happening from The Beatles’ point of view.

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